Building dedicated server

Good day!

Just wanted to verify before I went down this path (it is a lot of words!), is this still the current way to build your dedicated server?


Pretty much, the wiki has a good doc with some information as well.

But yeah, that’s basically what I’m doing now to build a standalone server.

Excellent, thanks. I have already worked most of the way through as I waited on a reply, so I am glad it was not all for naught :slight_smile:

I am just now starting to fiddle with this, using the shootergame demo game to learn how to get it all working. Do we need to go through all of this to host a dedicated server or can we use command lines on the client binaries to set it to dedicated server mode (like the COD games and such) ? I haven’t been able to find any such information.

Went through the steps, first time did not have ‘development’ selected on the build, so had errors, changed that and rebuilt. Seems I am having issues on the whole ‘cook’ thing. It fails for me. Attached the projectlauncher.log (renamed text because .log is not accepted attach type)…

Any ideas?

Pretty much same errors here. Any news on this? I’ve had a peek at the upcoming milestones and I may be blind but I didn’t find anything regarding dedicated server documentation.