Build Configurations Clarification

Good morning all, just looking for a quick clarification on the build configurations in VS.

For example, if you create a Code First First Person project - I believe the default build configuration already selected is “DebugGame Editor”.

Building/Running this launches the editor - cool.

However, I also noticed that the “Development Editor” config also launches the editor and I am still able to hit breakpoints etc.

I’m just wondering on a high-level what the differences are - and what should be the standard choice when working with the editor, and building out a level. The code first is my ideal choice due to C++ familiarity.

Thanks - and I apologize for the simplicity of this question - just getting my bearings.

Pssst… Anyone out there? :slight_smile:

For reference: Doc

Debug is to allow RealTime Debugging in C++
Dev is partially optimize, so you won’t be able to watch all variables & functions during debug.