[Bug?] Delay when editing brushes

I think I am doing a kinda big map, although I doubt it’s in the limit of what UE4 can hold.

The problem is when editing any aspect of a brush. Whether it is a dimension shape (X, Y, or Z) or translating it on the grid. I simply select the gizmo move it and when I let go it will freeze for a few seconds. Same for the Brush Shape dimension. I will double lick a value, edit the number press tab to go to the next, but there is a couple of seconds of delay until it responds.

This is an overview of my level (Not pictured big Landscape)


Let me know if there is some extra info you need.

Hi ,

Does this freeze occur on a blank project with no additional content? Further, have you attempted to utilize level streaming to mitigate some of the resource costs of your level?

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This was early morning. I did some other stuff and when I reopened UE4 this wasn;t an issue any more. Is there some UE4 documentation about Level Streaming? Most of the stuff I find is for UDK.

I will look at that and see how it behaves during the day.

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Here are a few resources for level streaming that you have available to you currently:


I would also highly recommend checking out the forums, many of the users are willing to assist their peers on subjects such as this! I am going to mark this question as answered for tracking purposes. If your problem persists please feel free to comment and let us know!

Thanks! I will take a look at those.

Hello !
I have the exact same problem :o

And it’s super duper annoying

I will use level streaming for my game but this level, even if it’s big, just has simple geometry, I don’t understand why it’s freezing :confused:

A few things I have tried when manually profiling for hitches within the editor:

A> Simplest thing to try is disabling ‘Realtime’ in the editor using the down-arrow in the top-left.

B>Particles - Particles are active in the editor and re-execute when there are modifications.

C>Sometimes it can be NavMesh(es) for larger volume bounds. Can try disabling Auto-Update to see if hitches improve.

D> Construction Script - If utilizing Construction on many actors, can try to modify or removing some known large actors\scripts to see if hitches improve.

E>Landscape material\layers - First try to hide certain layers, or modify the material to hide certain layers. Worst case, as it will be destructive, remove the material entirely from landscape to see if hitches improve