BP_Sky_Sphere's top pole looks wrong [SOLVED]

I’m starting to learn how to use Unreal and I came across something that I can’t fix.

When I add BP_Sky_Sphere to the scene, the top pole looks different than what I see in various tutorials. I think it looks wrong. I’m afraid I have modified something that is affecting the whole engine, because it happens even in new projects.

My BP_Sky_Sphere (New empty project, top pole view)

Other BP_Sky_Sphere:

Do you know why that is? Could it be that the material has changed from previous versions of Unreal?

Thanks in advance!

go to the launcer, right click the engine and find Verify Files.
Any and all files you modified that belong to the engine will be reset to default.
next time (if you did it) when you modify stuff like the skysphere create a child bp. Or copy it so you aren’t working on engine files.