BP_Sky_Sphere problem

i want to import the enginesky content to my project but after importing the .uasset-files the BP_sky_Sphere and M_Sky_Panning_CLouds dont show up in my content browser (no matter how i do it drag&drop /copy&paste -nothing works)… all other files do… please help because i need that skysphere blueprint for my day&night circle

my BP is defintley in the engine content →

but nothing to see when i want to import it

like i said even drag and drop or copy and paste wont help …either it says unknown extension “.uasset” or i dont see it in my content brwoser after pasting it it from windows

Hi fueller89,

The best method for moving .uassets between projects is the Migrate feature built into the engine. Most likely the problem you’re facing is missing references, which are not moved when you merely copy over .uassets in windows. Instead, use Migrate, which takes everything it needs with it. Make sure you place it into the correct Content location in the new project!

alright then … but is there any tutorial or project where the BP_Sky_Sphere is already inplanted so i can migrate it from that project to mine …otherwise i still have the same issue because even in any other projects (new projects included) im not able to import the BP_Sky

Create a new project, and the default map uses one. Click the "Edit BP_Sky_Sphere in the World Outliner and then Asset > Find in Content Browser to find it, or simply search for it in the Content Browser after enabling Show Engine Content in the View Options.

okay that worked for me… but now there is always the “bad blueprint” icon when i drag the sky-sphere from the world outline into the viewport and also there is now skymaterial attached to… my sky stays black :confused:

i mean there is no sky material i can choose from

Okay, well, you should be able to just use the one that comes in the engine, assuming you haven’t taken that out manually. In any project, you can follow the same process I listed above and the BP_Sky_Sphere should be included in the Engine Content.