BP_RiverMaker from KiteDemo - KiteDemo analysis?

If I understand correctly, the BP_Rivermaker tool is only in the 50G download A Boy and His Kite? (Not the open world assets download.)

For those of us who live out here in the swamp, it would be nice if some kind soul would pull the tool out into a separate project and make it available. :slight_smile:

I’m going to put together another package, I’ll post the DL link within a few hours (hopefully)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Would you like a package with just the BP_RiverTool, or one that includes the main assets like sound & meshes?

Heres a plain project (4.13) with only the BP

Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

maybe a bit of a late reply to this thread, but i was wondering where i could download the full 50gb package of the kite demo. i cant seem to find it anywhere. and i figured that there might be more useful content than just the rivermaker tool for me…

if it still is online at least. i mean, i would understand if they took the link down because it is quite large (50gb) to constantly have on a server for a long time…

it’s in the learn tab of the launcher. epic games is worth hundreds om millions of dollars, i doubt they will ever have problems hosting content, and 50GB is a drop in the pond.