[Blueprint] Wall Jump fail

I’m Running into an issue where it works one the server side, but the velocity doesn’t launch the character for the client side.

Hey, well has anybody every figured it out ._.? I followed the blueprint from the video, but as I am still brand new to the whole blueprint system I am not sure how to finish the Detect Wall function (or how to output the necessary info into the MacroJump). After messing around a little I got it to wall jump once, but only from the right side and once it does it it continues to wall jump even when I am not touching a wall…

Hello, here is an updated version for UE 4.8



  1. Make a new Third-Person or Paper2D SideScroller project
  2. Copy either Paper2D_WallJump_Character.uasset or ThirdPerson_WallJump_Character.uasset into your project’s **content **folder
  3. Double-click on your GameMode file in the Content Browser and set the Default Pawn Class to the new wall jump character


And that’s it! you can now try it out in the editor.

When you open up the event graph you will notice a new macro-node which you can change to your liking:


uDBcHiV.png You can change the Max Wall Jumps input to limit how many wall-jumps a character can do.
4fa448e47f9e31d401f11463e983e6acf927e2ca.png If you tick the Unlimited Wall Jumps box it will ignore the Max Wall Jumps value.
mRJxqTd.png Power indicates how far the character jumps; default value is 1000.
oe4lqyw.png Untick Debug Information if you do not wish the see debug information while playing.


If you wish to use the blueprints with an existing character you’ll have to manually *copy *and *paste *the blueprints into your blueprint.
Keep in mind that at this time Unreal Engine does not make *copy *and pasting particularly easy, as it does not copy all the necessary variables/functions - you will have to manually create them after you’ve pasted the blueprint code into your character blueprint.


For 3D third-person / first-person / top-down use the blueprint inside of ThirdPerson_WallJump_Character.uasset file
For 2D, whether it is Paper2D or SideScroller use the Paper2D_WallJump_Character.uasset file

Happy wall jumping! :smiley:

I set this up today and seems that the sphere trace in the detect wall (did i collide) is never getting a true value. Is that the bug with the trace or did i some how mess something else up. I debugged with print strings just to make sure I knew where it failed and it never gets a true in the collide.


If you are setting it up with a custom character (not the default one which comes with UE) then make sure that the trace has a larger radius than that of your character’s capsule collider.

Thank you for the update real!!!
I somehow got it to work but it didn’t fire 100%…
One more question though… as i am still relatively new to ue4… how would you go about adding a wall stick/slide to the function?
just run the detect wall and then modify the gravity? or is there some other way of doing that?

Hello real I’ve added your double jump example below to my project and discovered a little problem. When interacting with collision volumes (even with step-on unchecked) the character is still able to stand on the collision volume. I tried several things and this seems to only happen when this BP is added to the jump mechanics in the event graph. Any ideas on how to solve this?

this was great.for the game im making i need to add 2 is a animation when you hit grab the walk,and the other is slide down when on the wall.please if anybody can help im stuck

I followed the blueprint, but as I am still brand new to the whole blueprint system I am not sure how to finish the Detect Wall function after creating the blueprint system. What should I do?
And if anyone could help, I would like to add 2 things in my game as well, a animation when you grab the wall and make the character grabbed at the wall. If anybody can help me, thanks.

I know this is an old thread, but i made some small changes to the latest blueprint. Now when you jump and there is a wall to your right, you reflect left and slightly up(if not falling). Also when facing a wall and jumping towards it, you reflect backwards and a bit up as you would in most games. It is not final and i would like to get some input as to how make it a bit better.

I only changed the last bit of the Jump Macro and added “Hit Normal”-vector var to Detect Wall so i can get the wall normal and reflect the character off of that using the information provided in the Macro.

Hey, is there any chance you would mind uploading your changes? The original one was for 4.8 so its a pain to upgrade to 4.17+. Thanks!