Blueprint to Display UI Element

Hi all,

I am looking to create a basic set of functionality within a game that elegantly handles the following use case with a single placed actor:

  • [Player Character] is able to walk up to a [BP Actor placed by Level Designer]
  • [Player Character] is able to press a key to interact with [BP Actor].
  • ([BP Actor checks conditions. bActive, within LOS, within activation radius, etc.])
  • [BP Actor] opens user interface window on screen of [Player Controller].
  • UI window displays text/images that were set in the instance of [BP Actor] by Level Designer.

I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Blueprinting, but I have some experience programming in Unrealscript and C++. Normally I would try to tackle this in C++ but I am confident that functionality that approaches this has been made already in BP. Does anyone have any good Blueprint references they can point me towards as examples?