blueprint to c++??

Dear All,
I wish to make a first person shooter in UE.
As for the programming, my biggest issue is that all my tutorials for UE are coded in Blueprint, not in c++.
I wish to practice coding in c++ however and translating from blueprint to c++ is quite the hassle for me.
I would like you to aid me whether or not it is possible to do automatically and/or to help me find some materials to learn to translate myself.

Hey there and welcome to the forum.

As far as i know, there is no automatic way to convert blueprints to C++.
There may be some dirty workarounds, but nothing solid.

Your best bet is to do it by hand. If you want to practice coding, then this would be the best.

(Please correct me if i’m wrong.)

There is a free c++ example of a high quality fps shooter game

“shooter sample” game in the learn tab from your launcher - written in C++
also the FPS sample project - blueprint

also - 5 Star Army General Allars “generic shooter” project on the marketplace is a great learning resource as well - blueprint

I agree 100% with you, not enough C++ tutorials…

There are few, and so far I been through most of them… excluding the shooter document…
I plan to do that next… although I have actually helped someone working through it because its outdated.
I been sticking to the video ones first.

There is a lot of blueprint stuff but very little C++.

And blueprints are to slow for me to consider putting them in any kind of game that needs a lot of power.
Raycasting/object casting is heavy… and blueprints is not the best candidate for it. So things like this should be done in C++ and the documents should promote this kind of usage.

I feel like the unreal engine is very good and powerful, but keep in mind is a professional level tool and the blueprint foundation was a added feature to allow designers to do little things… and they made it do big things…

But… a real AAA title is not going to have its core game logic written in blueprints because they are 10x slower.

Please produce more C++ code to go along with the extensive blueprint documentation.

Converting a blueprint to C++ will be coming in a future version of the UE4 engine.

I am creating my game with about 60% blueprints, 40% C++ code. I prefer blueprints most of the time because my iteration time is faster than with recompiling C++ and relaunching the editor. I haven’t noticed any performance bottlenecks in blueprints to justify a C++ only project, and if I did notice performance problems, the first step is to look at algorithm choice rather than trying to squeeze out a bit more performance from switching to C++… I mean, a O(N^2) algorithm isn’t going to buy you much better performance in C++ vs. switching to a O(LogN) algorithm.

Hi everyone,
according to Trellos UE4 Roadmap theres developed blueprint->C++ converter with release in december/january.

that going to be nice for jump from BP programming to C++

Here’s one of the most useful C++ tutorials on the wiki:

Holy cow, that’s kind of amazing.

People seem to think this is going to magically result in optimized code that is comparable in performance to properly written C++. It won’t, that’s just totally unfeasible.
Anything low level, performance critical should still be written in C++. That said, the vast, vast majority of code is not performance critical and blueprint is totally fine for it, C++ converter or no.

I agree C++ documentation is lacking. It is improving, just extremely slowly.

Dear All,
Thanks for the replies.
I was not looking for some magic to get me sorted out, I’m creating this game mainly to apply for some jobs as a programmer (I’m an university student ATM) and those jobs are not necessarily game development jobs, thus BP is out of the question. I would use Unity for example, but that’s just not UE :smiley: so I better stick to c++.
I definitely check that example project out. However currently I’ve done most of the modeling, starting to get the rigging done, then texturing, environment etc and only then I can finally begin coding so it’s a long way :frowning:
So I shall look into the documentation to find out how to manually translate BP into c++. That’s what I’ll do.