Blueprint Structures Arrays bug?

Hi Nightmask3,

Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project? How are you setting up the communication between the two blueprints?

Well I’ve only tested it on the one project that I’m working on right now. It’s based on the third person template.

I’m passing a variable of type Struct from one blueprint to another. Both Blueprint Interfaces and Casting seem to work for individual struct variables (as opposed to an array of structures) as well as the work around I implemented (which I’ll explain) so I don’t think that is the issue actually.

I’ve actually managed to get around it by using an ‘Add’ item to array node as opposed to ‘Set array element’ node. Perhaps it is an issue localized to the ‘Set array element’ node?

Cause trust me when I say, I tried every combination of Array of structures, to a structure of arrays, communicated using both Blueprint casting and Interfaces, and NOTHING worked until I finally gave up on ‘Set array element’ and used ‘Add’ instead.

Now that I think about it, I’m fairly sure the issue was with assigning the values to the arrays as opposed to blueprint communication. Perhaps the ‘Set array element’ and arrays of structures still have to be worked out before they play well together?

For my money, it’s either something to do with the macro function of ‘Set array element’ or an issue with assigning indices to the array values of structures.

To summarize, I’m now using a Structure of Arrays format, and the ‘Add’ node to assign values to these arrays within the first blueprint, and using direct blueprint casting to access this structure value in the second blueprint.
Using the ‘Add’ node simplified the matter and made it work, so I’m pretty ■■■■ thankful at this point.

Any more help I can give you, please let me know.
Thanks for the response! =)