Blueprint or c++?

Please help me
Want to create an average game on unreal engine 4. Some say that unreal blueprints are very good, and from it you can create medium - heavy games, others that using it only UI and animations, and the rest in c ++. Which language should I choose?

You only need to use C++ if you’re very focused on efficiency or there is no BP nodes for what you want to do, or you want to mod the engine. Otherwise BP is fine.

C++ for heavy loading, blueprint for light work. If you used blueprint for array based sorting and heavy calculations, the system will lagged like hell.

Honestly dude, I say hold off for now if you can… As it’d be better to wait and see what Epic offers in UE5 instead.
Plus, its worth reading the 1000 other ‘BP vs C++’ threads first, as your assumptions are a bit overly simplistic tbh.:wink:

Most devs don’t get to avoid using Blueprints in Unreal. Its just too much a part of the ecosystem, so you’ll have to get comfortable with it.
But there is Blueprint nativization to help devs get close to C++ performance. It still has many gotchas / catches though so it can fail you!
The main reason to use C++ tho, is because you need something custom done that BP doesn’t support and there’s no plugin available for.

Anyway, if you’ve too many inefficient high-poly assets moving in a complex scene with detailed collision on, C++ won’t magically fix that.
Equally, if you architect a game with too many actors running on tick, C++ won’t fix that either, although performance will be better vs. BP.

So overall the key answer to your question is: choose whichever one you’re more productive at. As that’s the best rule for making progress.
But be aware of the wide difficulty level. BP 1/10 - Unityc# 3/10 - UDKus 3/10. UE4 C++ & Vis-Studio is easily a 10 out of 10 on a bad day.:smiley:

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Blueprints for sure.
C++ for more ambitious projects
C++ for extending the engine


Both !

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I’d use c++ to create an engine from scratch not to code games in a 3d engine… : P
And don’t forget the compile times… for me idk for others, but for me are super slow…

I’d use blueprints.

C++ is alot faster in big projects.
For small indie games blueprints is the way to go.