Blockout Tools Plugin

Nice tool! When I try to duplicate a blockout object using the “alt-drag in viewport”-method it freezes the Unreal editor for a couple of seconds. I’m using UE 4.24.3 and the latest plugin version 1.22.

Hmm, that’s strange. I know this sounds stupid, but can you please reinstall whole plugin on your engine version? I had some bug with marketplace update with UE 4.22 just when I was updating plugin to 1.22. So after the update plugin showed correct version, BUT for some reason whole code base of plugin remained from 1.21 version. Wasn’t sure what was going on, but reinstall helped!

I tested it again (without reinstalling) today and it seems to just work fine. Strange thing.

Yeah, kinda happened to me too. Seems like it’s more related to Epic Games Launcher and how it works. A bit strange :slight_smile:
But I guess it updated the plugin correctly to you now.

i don’t think “Merge Actors” is a viable option anymore. After 4.21 that option was moved to the Developer Tools menu and doesn’t create multiple materials for the resulting mesh. “Convert To Static Mesh seems the better option now.”

I love your tool. It works so well for me and my team. We just noticed that Blockout Tools get a bit funky when used in a Multi-User-Editing session. It appears that the users are fighting for the focus of the custom “Box Size” widget. Whoever selected it last will get the focus until someone else again selects and steals it from others. I know this might be a very hard one to solve but I wanted to bring it to your attention. Maybe I’m wrong and the fix is obvious to you? :slight_smile:

It seems like “Merge Actors” creates multiple material slots for mesh only if materials (colors and other settings) on blockouts were different and “Convert Actor To Static Mesh” creates multiple slots no matter the settings. Hm, that’s good to know.

Thanks man! That’s pretty interesting usage case. Never tested it yet to my shame and not quite sure if there’s a solution to this problem… Sorry about that. But I’ll try to dig it, maybe it is simple one indeed.

Would it be possible to add a circle mode to the cylinder shape? Basically a cylinder with a parameterized whole. :slight_smile:

Sure, I have some ideas about it :slight_smile: New update with a new shapes is in development.

Care to share what’s coming with the new update ? :o

Yeah, so I had in mind some new shapes such as a tube and a more advanced railings (linear only railings are too limiting) and I wanted to add Android support. Some minor stuff might be there too such as different icons on different blockouts :slight_smile:

I had a quick Unreal VR editor test and noticed that it is not possible to grab the “diamond widget” to manipulate Blockout Tool actors.

Hmm, that’s interesting. There’s no way I can test it unfortunately, I don’t have a single HMD atm. Thanks for reporting though!

You could apply for Epic Megagrant and ask for $$ to get VR hardware. Alternatively, you could apply for Oculus Start program and get yourself Oculus Rift S for free (they send the hardware to Start program members).

Did not know about Oculus Start program before, that’s pretty interesting, thanks.
Regarding MegaGrants I stay grounded, don’t really think that they would sent me money for updating one modest plugin :slight_smile: Well, I also have a second plugin in the works which might be useful to community too - a continuation and expansion of this and then maybe I’ll apply to it if will feel confident enough.

[USER=“35008”]Dmitry Karpukhin[/USER] This is something people would buy for sure…68372484870144 for UE4

Yeah, that CSG is sick. That would take months of full time development for UE4 though!

I don’t think it’s CSG… I think it just mesh tools with some kind of auto-texturing.

While I’m working on a 1.3 update, plugin is now 30% off for a limited time!

Just a little QOL request: I’m usually working with a grid size to the power of two.
Would it make sense to you to support this in your tool so the grid texture is not “off” when using a power of two grid size? :wink: