Blender to unreal problems?

Hello, I encounter an error when exporting a simple building (in fbx) made on blender (a floor, 3 walls and a roof). I export it in blender, I import it into unreal, no problem. It’s only when I try to get in (template third person), I don’t arrive as if there was a collision when not at all. an idea?

I’m using automatic collision. I know blender very well, I’ve been working on it for a few years now (blender cycle) I don’t know if I use the right methods to work with unreal. There’s not a lot of tuto on there…Thanks

There are several posibilities. Are you using UE to generate collision or are you exporing one with blender?

I’m using exactly Third person template and when I import fbx from blender to UE it works fine.

I don’t know what are you trying to do so I will just explain collsion from what I know.

So basicaly there is two types of collision Simple and Complex.

Simple - Made of convex. Automatic generation is ok for small meshes for bigger with important collsion use custom collsion instead.

Complex - Better as it use mesh as collision. But can’t be used for physics simulation…

And you can always create custom collsion in blender and import it with mesh.

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There is also site on wiki about blender. You might want to take a look at it.

Set collision to complex on mesh. Go into mesh editor and write collision in search then find collision complexity and change to complex. You can use convex decompos to genreate collision if you want to stay with simple collision.

I can’t enter in…

Big thanks for your reply, but i don’t understand… im french but you have a video ?

Nice it’s done !