Blender to UE4 workflow

Just as a reminder -> when you use skeletal meshes in combination with blender, use the version 2.70!!! :wink:

K noted ty :wink:


Ok well gez, I guess it was emotion over new years , or something, but anyway object does not come into ue4 with material on it, from blender, as in video, you must apply material via node editor ( not a huge deal, just slightly annoying).

One other thing to keep in mind that I noticed, is that in fighters video, his mesh imported from blender also does not come into ue4 with material on it, its white . I also can’t tell because as noted earlier, he/she goes way too fast in some areas, but it looks like they are dragging newly made red color over on top of imported mesh and then taking that into scene.

Does any modeler magically apply on a wysiwyg basis, or at least materials and textures ?

Does maya / , given they are default for ue4 ?

Thx :wink:

not tested recently with static meshes but skeletal meshes with materials come over no probs, you have to remember to apply the material/texture in the uvw editor of blender otherwise it doesn’t show in ue4, this is a blender thing and not ue4

using 2.72b atm

> apply the material/texture in the uvw

You are talking about using the “Assign” button correct? The issue with me is the color is not being applied correctly in UE4, the Material and name is setup in the Material Editor fine.

ok if your just adding a colour value to the material in blender then that won’t go with the fbx file, you would have to add a “constant3” in the material editor of ue4 and set this to the value you need

to be honest afaik not really the best workflow for game assets, you should be doing the uvw map and adding some form of texture even if its just a placeholder

Please read my post above. I was only testing what the OP couldn’t get to work, I said myself this is not the workflow I use, I use the UE4 Material editor in combination with Substance Designer/Painter. :slight_smile:

And ya, a material is just fine as a placeholder when you arent’ sure about texturing and are concentrating on mesh design, at least so far its working fine, I just had no idea material wouldn’t go in, but ya I agree adding one in UE4 isn’t a bit deal, though shouldn’t be necessary. It is a blender thing which I find odd, as I know this works in maya. Afaik, blender exporting definitely is a WIP between blender devs and ue4 devs, supposedly.


What I don’t get is I am being a scientist with this and just trying to figure out which setting I have wrong that the color isn’t coming in. :slight_smile: So that is why I keep talking.

I watch his video and I swear I have the exact same settings but no go on the color assignment. Hmm…

As I said :stuck_out_tongue:


Joking aside…when you send me a .blend file with your setup, I could check what you might have done wrong :wink: (would also like to know why it isnt working for you)


When I am back on tomorrow, if it doesn’t work I will send you something. … Just so I can see the spell you cast. :o