Blender 2.78 - Alembic - Unreal 4.13

What I don’t understand is how is this possible when Alembic I/O is an open standard with clearly outlined specs. Should both Epic and Blender follow the specs, this should never happen :confused:

Can’t Epic collaborate with BF to make sure Blender’s Alembic files load properly in UE4 or if UE4 doesn’t adhere to specs, let BF know what UE4 expects and Blender would have a preset for UE4 to make sure output is compliant?!

Here’s some progress on my Blender - UE4 scene. Character still FBX though…

Any news on this? Sounds like Blender dev thinks that Epic doesn’t adhere to Alembic I/O standard when it comes to UV maps and such and that’s why there are issues with importing files exported by Blender (which supposedly adheres to Alembic I/O standards).

How you import alembic files? Or it possible only for windows?
I push “Import” there is no alembic? and file dialog dont show abc files

Are you on UE4 ver 4.13? Only supported from this version (and hopefully onwards)

Yes 4.13
(alembic plugin settings is allready turn on)
What steps to import alembic?
i can’t import by fbx way on linux

I’m starting to think it’s just on the Windows build yet. Alembic .abc files simple as .FBX import on my Windows 10.

Hi Jurre, any luck looking into UV issues we are having?

Here’s a Blender file of a UV mapped cube and texture as per image, if it might assist in any ways?


Blender Zip File… (329 KB)

We will see good looking UV’s in the next release, so excited!

How about alembic in linux?

Any way to Alembic import to be faster?

UV’s are fixed in 4.14 preview version, will do some more testing later :slight_smile:


Importing with no Material still seems to be bugged, because re-opening the project makes the dropdown menu for a material disappear. You have to reimport the file again whenever you want to change the material, kinda annoying.

Hello… somebody knows about these problem…?? I install unreal 4.13 and 4.14.2 on mac…!! And did not import .abc files. it did not recognize… abc files are greyed out and the importer is enabled in the preferences…!