Best tutorials to start with

Hello UE 4 community,
I am a student and want to create at least a simple game in my free time and I spend at least one hour every day to learn every day a little bit more about game creation. I want to learn how to use the UE 4 but I don’t know which tutorials or guides are the best in the beginning.
So far, I’ve watched the UE4 Editor tutorials and downloaded the Tappy Chicken project and tried to understand the blueprint scripts.
I have some experience in programming, so I don’t need to learn anything about functions, variables and loops anymore.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can continue to learn more in the most efficient way?
I appreciate any help.
Thank you :slight_smile:

In my opinion the most effective way is:** learning by doing** So just start developing something and during that you will learn how everything works :slight_smile:

Here are some good learning resources:

When you have questions just ask them in the forum. You will always get a pretty fast answer :wink: