Best practices for working in teams

Hello- I was wondering if any one knows a good guide or documentation regarding working on UE4 projects in a team environment. Up until now I’ve only worked on UE4 stuff by myself, but I will soon be working with others as I set up a team at my work. I need to familiarize myself with any standards or folder structures (.etc) that may be advantageous to working in groups. Does UE4 offer any tools specifically designed for collaborating with others, or a system for sharing and updating various assets?

If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be happy to read up on it myself, I just haven’t seen any such guides. Thanks for your time.


As sharing stuff,UE4 allows you to use different Source Control tools.

Here is a little guide about Git,a fairly popular platform:

Also,a little “newbiesh” suggestion but “Game Design Document” is your friend:

A simple sample for G.D.D:

source control -> Source Control | Unreal Engine Documentation
folder structure -> A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, I’ll be digging through those today =)

I have been trying to collaborate with two developers on a UE4.10 project. However, conflicts in binary files cause git to fail during rebasing attempts. Nothing unexpected there, but there’s no way to resolve these conflicts outside of git.

I have tried to organise work across different UE maps so as to prevent developers inadvertently changing the same (binary) files. No luck there either because apparently there are cases where conflicts still arise.

Currently I am considering using the git-lfs add-on to handle large binary files, although I’m not sure which files I should be handling through git-lfs.

Has anyone successfully setup up collaboration on UE4 projects?
Will git-lfs solve my problems with conflicts in binary files?

Before I even consider looking at Perforce as a solution (looks a bit out of reach for my project) I would appreciate any advice on the git path I’m on now.