Best PC for unreal/incredibly low “FPS”

Greetings. I’m currently running the unreal engine on the Mac Yosemite os X. I have some mean runtime errors, one being extremely low “FPS” that drop too 25 and 15 once I add some point lights to my world and make the lightmass importance volume bigger. At certain areas of the “Sun Temple: environment example” it will drop to 12 or 9 “FPS”.

I also have had trouble working with AI on my current computer and have been attempting to find a PC that could present better performance. If anyone has a computer that has better runtime and higher “FPS” I would like to know what type of computer it is and the best way to get one.


Here you got recommended specs

You sure that low FPS on Mac is not related to Intel<->NVidia GPU switch thing?

Thanks for the recommended computer specs .

I will look into that and let you know if it solves my problem.

Just buy good computer to run current games well, also don’t save money on memory, the more memory then better, UE4 eats it up a lot and i bet you will want to run other heavy applications on background

I had a Dell Laptop with a 4K display, 12 GB RAM and 4 GB dedicated VRAM from an AMD R7 and as content began to be added to the level, especially content from the Open World Demo Collection, the computer began having an extremely difficult time handling it. For blueprints and programming, I will still use the laptop because of its convenience, portability, and nice display, however, I had to dust off the ol’ desktop computer for the heavy rendering and level design. I purchased two additional sticks of RAM just to be on the safe side and got a good deal on a TItan X since the GTX 1080 came out. A10 processor, and everything else under the hood isn’t too impressive but even during heavy rendering I’ll get about 80 FPS and that is not having a very good understanding of level design and rendering work. I always hear the 980 TI is almost as good as Titan X for a fraction of the price (I bought mine used and ended up being far better deal), anyway, I am glad I spent the money since I don’t really have to worry about the computer’s competency. Anyway, 32 GB RAM, 12 GB VRAM. Like the previous guy, spend the money to get something decent and you won’t regret it.