Best home mocap solution?

There is also the Smartsuit: . I havent tried it though.

I have used one v1 kinect for one person and so far it works fine, a bit fine tuning afterwards, but a time saver and good enough for my use.

And which software do you use for recording the animations with the kinect?

Whats the updated recommendation after IKinema Orion is now gone?

For Perception Neuron it has a new version without the need of cables and supposedly less issues from interference but comes with a steep price jump. Their forum seems to be gone too so no information about possible issues or quality before buying. Anyone got experience with the new one or other other recommendations?

I recently worked with Faceware for facial only mocap, and iClone - based on video recognition only. Though, I would be interested to know if someone has experience and or can recommend (other than PN) a more comprehensive mocap solution, such as listed here Full Body Motion Capture Animation Platform | Motion LIVE | Reallusion including,

  • Perception Neuron
  • Smartsuit Pro
  • Qualisys
  • XSens
  • LeapMotion
  • OptiTrack