Beginner in UE, what PC laptop should I get? Does the Mac M1 max works?

Beginner in UE, what PC laptop should I get? Does the Mac M1 max works?
I‘m hoping to do more interior/architectural kind of visualization.
Thank you guys!

Hey friend!

I’ve found this thread that has already discussed this at length and I hope it helps you. If you have a more specific question feel free to add that to your thread so people can give you a more direct answer! :slight_smile:

I’ve also found this thread for more advanced Unreal Engine devs that might also interest you.

And finally, a thread talking about laptops for unreal instead of full desktops.

Hope these help and good luck with your shopping!


Thank you for the redirection! Those are really detailed! (Unfortunately, I’m not quite a technical person)
I think the ASUS ROG has always been recommended by people. The one under that thread is 2014 model, is that still ok/worth it when Window 11 is now out too?

I wouldn’t get a 7 year old laptop! Not quite the place for discussing this, but /r/SuggestALaptop and the likes have plenty of threads about game dev laptops. You would basically be after a gaming laptop with more RAM and a good keyboard otherwise.

Choices would depend on region, budget, preferences etc etc.

yes, not sure how to get to that forum thread /r/SuggestALaptop

sk0gg probably meant reddit:

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ah reddit! Thx!

Asus ROG always recommended? Sorry to counter that myth. The only thing you can always be sure of with Asus quality control, is that some customers will ALWAYS get burned… :wink: