Ballistics impacts & other violent VFX/Particles

A combination of both in many emitters. Generally small numerous things such as sparks, are GPU.

I just realized I had not posted some of the newer 1.1 update content, so here’s some quick little videos.
So, 1.1 contains a lot of improvements to the existing FX, plus adds the first sound set for impacts and some decals. + the muzzle smoke/flash, bullet casings etc.
I should note that I’ll be doing more advanced decal stuff in 1.2.

1.1 frag grenade:

1.1 Concrete:

And, a little work in progress snippet for 1.2 update, a test for liquid particles spawning decals:

(and in general I’ll be doing an improvement pass on all liquid particle emitters).

Tomorrow I’ll record a runthrough of the whole map to show everything else properly.


Ok, update 1.1 should now be up on the marketplace too! I’ll be submitting a 4.12 version this week (there are some issues to rectify from engine changes from .11 to .12). Then it’s onwards with 1.2 update.

Just a quick FYI that I’m rolling the 1.2 update and engine 4.13 upgrade into one and aiming to get this submitted soon.

@CubitStudios What is going to be in the 1.2 update?

Off the top of my head…
Most of the effort has been towards a new set of blueprints for spawning all the FX (particles, sounds, decals etc) - They should make implementing the FX in other types of projects much easier.
An Improvement pass to the existing FX… some minor, some major - including alternative FX emitters for some.
New FX includes blood splatter decals, spawned by particle collisions, a new material impact (leather).

Here’s a brief preview of one of the improved FX. In this case, the ceramic tiles:

And a closer up look at the decals spawning from the particles: Here the debris and dust from the impacts accrues:

And some more shots of some of the revamped FX, Some still in progress:

The updated FX also comes in one size that is then dynamically changed in response to projectile velocity etc. Overrides to force the FX to small/med/large is also available.
I’ll do a more full post on the new blueprints closer to release however.

Ricochet, tracer, bricks and soil revamping:

Hey everyone, Just a quick heads up that the update is submitted and awaiting approval. Hopefully it’ll be up next week on the UE4 Store. The gum road version has just been updated also to include some early examples of particle spawned sounds and material FX interactions…(I’ll post up a better video soon)

Great pack, really enjoying playing with it and working out where I can use it with some projects I’m working on. I’ve noticed using the pack really kills performance for my VR projects - in particular it looks like the heavy use of transparencies with the effects is a real performance hog (per ) - any chance of having the pack use less intensive options like DitherTemporalAA? If you don’t have access to any VR kit happy to test some things out or send through some performance details if it assists.

Hey Steve,
Apologies for the delay. For some reason I’m not getting notifications occasionally even for subscribed threads :frowning: Give me a mail at info(AT) and lets see what I can do to help you.
Dithered AA probably won’t be a great alternative due to the visual artifacts but it’s worth a try perhaps… Unfortunately overdraw is one of those things that is hard to entirely minimize with particles sheets, and of course VR makes everything worse.

As an aside, I’ve just tested everything in 4.14 and it all seems to be in order. I’ll submit an updated project to the marketplace and gumroad this week however.

Not sure if this is something you are planning to look into but with forward shading (which will be huge for VR) turned on the splatter effects for the mats don’t render and you are left with the world grid material instead.

Ah ah, thanks. I hadn’t tested forward yet, I’ll have a look and fix anything I find.

All good Cubit Studios, I’m in the same boat - seems this is the high-latency communication thread :slight_smile: Appreciate the feedback, and really great you’re keeping on top of this pack. I’ll review with forward rendering, and will advise how it goes. Will ping you an email once I get a chance to review and have more concrete info.

Hey Steve.

This seems to be fixed by simply opening up the decal materials (at least for me). Head to the /decals/Splashers/ folder and open up the material in question. The decals then suddenly ‘pop’ back to normal.

The main issue for me with forward rendering seems to lighting, or how the particles are being lit. The contrast is far too high compared to the normal deferred rendering - I’ll try and see what’s up!

Just realized I incorrectly replied to Steve about the decals. Sorry Steve and Tcla75 :slight_smile:

Tcla75, decals answer is in my post above this.

Has anyone replicated BulletProjectileBP and FXSpawnerBP?

^I need help please! :slight_smile: