Azuma House Archviz

The project was done in 4.11 preview. Actually there was no need to change settings in ini files. My world settings were SLLS=0.5, ILQ=6

This is WHY I like UE4 for architectural rendering and animation. The material rendition is exceptional and so is the realistic quality of light. My only complaint? The concrete doesn’t mimic Ando’s and Ando is all about his concrete:



Excellent work!!

That raw concrete gives not a cosy feeling, rather like a WW2 bunker. Would you personally like to live in a bunker?

I love that style of architecture!

That is pretty **** amazing right there

well done! im working on detailed koshino house with that so called “ando concrete” all around. it’s really pain in the *** to tile them properly on different walls to look seamless. maybe he choose that way because of that.

i also like to know what he means about that mix thingy.

I think he just meant a blend material… and scale each texture separately to achieve the look he want… Nothing very complex!

Texturecoordinate node (change tiling = scale)

Great work. Love the lighting!

Great work, you got the light spot on!
Coincidentally I was just finishing working on chair very similar to the one you used when I saw the post, haha.

Wow small party in here…

Thanks everyone! I am glad you like it.
As for the question about materials - heartlessphil wrote what was needed 3 posts up!

superb … and reading your workflow description. u make it sound like the workflow are relatively easy but I do still struggling on it.

Please keep the thread update. Cheers

I think it’s really beautiful. I think you people are setting new benchmark and showing the world what is possible with unreal engine on the hands of a talented artist like you all ( thanks to all who are setting new goals and filling us with new hope and possibilities).

sorry to barge in here like this , but is there any chance you will sell this on the marketplace ?
I’m in awe with that lighting … how did you get it to feel so cold ?

You should put this on the asset store!

That propably won’t happen:)
The lighting is really basic… very big impact on the image has post process and good textures - maybe play here a little :slight_smile:

Looks really good, very realistic, congratulations!

Awesome, This is what i call A Pro Designer :slight_smile: , This is so DOPE, I Hope My Horror Game Can Do As Good As This Magnificent Demo Right here.

Keep it Up man I Really Do believe in You :slight_smile:

Wow! Superb job and love the lighting and crisp materials!

Where did you get that wood texture from? :wink: