Arrays in blueprints, to handle a lot of triggers and matinees?


So I have 80 Meshes, each one has a matinee, that controlls the movement. And also have 80 triggers. I want to spread out the triggers in a large area, to randomly trigger the matinees in the scene.

So is there any way to simplify the blueprint setup, for triggering the matinees?

A single setup looks like in the picture. And if It is possible, I dont want to repeat this step 80 times.



if all of those matinees are very unique, you may have to do it that way. if they all have similar animations, you can separate them into actors.

if you made an actor with a scene component, a box component, and a mesh component, and gave it an exposed vector to position the box component, you could place these in the level, and then move the vector handle to where you want the box to go, letting the construction script update its position, and the event graph can handle the overlap playing the animation, but maybe the animation should be a skeletal mesh or a timeline. if its a skeletal mesh component, you can use PlayAnimation and Stop to control the animation sequence from the event graph. if its a timeline, you can drive vector values to update positions.

if each object needs a unique animation, but all of the animations are just moving and rotating from point to point, in a list of points, you can use arrays of vectors, lerps, and setActorLocation / SetActorRotation nodes:

Thanks for the answer!

Basically I had 20 unique animations, with matinees and triggers. The problem started, when I wanted to copy all of these. So with your help, and some thinking I figured it out, to make a blueprint of these 20 mesh animations, controlled via timer, then just copy the blueprint in the scene.

So thanks for the help, this link was useful!