Array for dropbox.

For a while I have wanted a combo box to affect the option in another combo box. This could be done be wiring in an array in to the combo box that will change depending on what you set. Instead I have had to use another option for the same result.
Ask for clearer details on what I would like to have added.

To Unreal Staff

Dear Developers at Epic Games,
I have been robed from understanding, your manual shows that no one is interested in trying to up date it and tell everyone about it. This has been one of the reasons that I will not be move to a better engine version any time soon. My experiencers with Unreal have been from Unreal Script that was a wast of time, to Blueprints, that do not have guides on what I want to do. Well done for the building of Blueprints it has been impressive all the behind seen work you get up to. I would really like and love access to a wiki for my own tutorials for others to understand things instead of needing to go on to a answer Hub to find what they want. Gaming takes awhile, but when you can not pick up and understand what you really need to do then is makes me send massagers like this one.
From 1999.

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