Are there any good things to learn code in UE4

I’m trying to make my game 100% code as much as i can and when ever i type how to do something in c++ all that comes up is blueprint , blueprint , BLUEPRINT. Are there any good websites or tutorials that teach or give code examples other than the obvious ones provided by Unreal or unreal wiki because there very bare minimal and don’t really give good examples or explanation, or there great! … but there made in blueprint. and most of the c++ tutorials are outdated since unreal keep changing there code every build.

Could anyone please respond to this as soon as possible, so i don’t have to keep posting c++ questions that don’t get answered :wink: thanks.

One of the places I started was on the wiki:

It gives you a basic understanding of each of the games components from Game mode to the characters in the game. Have you done C++ before at all because you might find it all a little daunting if you haven’t coded before.

Yes i have and i used that tutorial on day 1 but now when i’m trying to code more advanced c++ using global variables and such ,none of my questions get answered and there are not any advanced tutorials. Do you have any other suggestions.