Arconia - Open World, SCI-FI Rogue-Like

Jake has uploaded a video detailing what he has done for the creation of the models, materials and other graphical assets. Check it out!

This was a busy period. Most of my time was spent writing the buy/sell HUD system. The HUD in this game (and every game I’ve ever made) is fairly challenging but it has nothing to do with how good or bad UMG is. In retrospect I could have made things much easier on myself if instead of trying to use structs in many places, I just used classes. There are places where I get my CSV data using **FTableRowBase **and I store this struct of menu data that might describe a weapon or a passive module… and they all have different structs… So if I had used classes I could have used C++ Templates to clean some functions up.

I also took a day off to write a Google Sheets plugin that helps make CSV data easier to read when you’re referencing blueprints and other assets. I’m not planning on releasing this plugin but if you’re interested let me know, I show it in the video towards the end.

Finally I started playing with matinee to create transitions into the space stations where you buy and sell. You can now run around outside of the ship when you’re on a space station, I’m using spline based movement to accomplish this since our stations can be oriented at any angle.

We’ve been hard at work. Here are some new model updates.

The player character has been replaced by Rob-1E. Rob-1E uses a scene capture component to project his face, so it’s not visible in sketchfab.

A look at one of the hero planets for System 6.

Some remnants of an old civilization

Art update


**Catwalk with platform

**Video of catwalk and stargate in UE4

**Stonehenge to space speed model

**Easter Island Statue

Destroyed moon and new star background painted

**Ship design tweaked and re textured

Finally the destroyed moon, easter island, stonehenge, star background video


These are the basics of what iv’e had time to get to sketchfab, and take some video of. My full list of what iv’e done since the last update is allot larger than this. All 7 systems have had their skeletons finished, that means hero planets all their asteroids, and skyboxes, all the basics. Now i’m on a 2nd pass starting on system 1 tweaking and refining. once I get through the third pass the art will be finished for Arconia!

We are still working on this game daily, just finished up another model! This is our projector bot that will project our menu.


We recently needed to print out some photo references for Rob for a cool event here in Portland called Drink 'n Draw. Long story short, we setup some renders in UE4 and were just so thrilled with the results that I thought I’d share them here. We just used the high-res screenshot tool at about 3X. I’d probably go back and revisit the anti-aliasing settings in the future.






Some more model updates below:

Ship the player will enter


Airlock player enters


menu robot, displays our hud


New mining station


New enemy


A small version of a scene im working on in UE4