Application Error After Downloading the Launcher

well first say thanks for providing Unreal for free.

Now to my problem:
I downloaded the EpicGames Launcher.exe (Windows). After I got the .msi file and opened it.
I went through the steps to install the launcher and at this time there was all okay but as soon as the installation finished the window disappeared.
I found the EpicGamesLauncher Icon on my desktop but as soon as I like to open it there’s popping up a Application Error:

The application can’t start corretly (0x000007b). Press okay to close the application.

Not sure what went wrong but hopefully someone could help me out please. Thanks a lot.

Hi Tony,

Take a look at this section linked below and post your log files. Also, post your dxdiag (system specs) for us.

Hi TJ,

thanks a lot for the quick reply!

Just liked to let you know that I got the Engine started finally. My dad (IT manager) helped me with my problem and I thought I should write down what he did in order to get the Engine started.

My dad updated

  • the 4.5 Framework
  • he downloaded the newest DirektX driver
  • and he repaired the VC Redist 2012 + 2013 file.

I hope this makes sense :smiley: and maybe will help someone with the same problems.

Great, I’m glad you got everything working.

Yeah, that all makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to post what all you guys did to get it working, it may end up helping other users.