Apparatus – Network-ready ECS data-driven framework (C++/Blueprint)

Apparatus now comes multi-threaded. A remarkable release is due.

The 1.8 update is now LIVE with the following features:
• The new Solidity semantic. Advanced compile-time and runtime checks.
• The new Mechanism entity for multi-UWorld compatibility.
• Concurrent operating (Multi-threading support).
• Issue fixes and optimisation.

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Alright, we’re doing it.
The design has now been rationalized and In the upcoming month we’re going to work on the new concept of cross-peer Trait exchange. This in turn will provide for an easier yet secure networking implementation. Stay tuned and get ready to go multiplayer the data-driven way, the Apparatus way!

Now these are some fine news around here. Apparatus comes equipped with a full-fledged networking solution.

Yeah, right out-of-the-box, we can now push the Traits between clients and server, server and clients. The workflow is also data-oriented and is integrated within the current Unreal Engine ecosystem.

The second thing will be important to those, wishing to get the best deal as Apparatus is now, for a limited time 70% OFF. Go grab it while it’s new and hot-hot-hot!

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Hey, everyone, Happy New Year while having the latest and greatest Apparatus 1.13 release!
Wishing you the very best while staying in touch with your comrades and family. Keep on delivering the good of creation to this world. It does well worth it!

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