Any making of or learning material for latest fortnite cinematic?

Hi. After I find out that Fortnite cinematic is rendered in unreal engine I impressed by quality of images, character animation as well as fluid/smoke effects.Really a flawless job!
I just want to ask Epic team for a detailed making of or learning material for their pipeline on this cinematics.Specially regards to importing character animation and smokes and lighting rendering anti-aliasing.please! :frowning:

I also want to render my short animation in unreal but I can’t get smooth-clean and flawless image regarding shadows and anti-aliasing.Also animation pipeline with fbx or alembic cause a lot of problem with scale-rotation and attached/linked objects.

Use sequencer and set a high resolution. There’s options to increase the shadow quality has well. You can also render at a higher frame rate and reduce it later to get better motion blur.

Yeah higher resolution makes better edges but things specially foliage still flicker in background. Only option to completely eliminate any flickering is temporal aa that blur the image and put traces behind moving objects.
How rendering at higher frame rate help motion blur?

It’s something you have to experiment with a bit, but the idea if there’s more frames, there’s less ghosting between frames, which means less ghosting overall. Also more frames = more sampling, so hopefully that means less artifacts. I haven’t tried it myself with UE4 in particular, but I’ve seen it used with other applications.

Ha ! thanks for help. I’ll try it out.