Answerhub "There was an error contacting the remote service"


I’m not sure if this is where to ask, but I’ve exhausted all of the other options after emailing EGS support for about a week. (Apparently account support is for the EGS, not UE? So I wasn’t able to have this issue resolved.)

I am unable to access the Answerhub, as logging in redirects me to an error “There was an error contacting the remote service.” I’ve tried this on three different browsers, three different computers and both normal and “incognito modes” to the same error message.

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I’m getting the same issue. I can access answerhub when logged out, but logging in redirects to Navigating to another page on answerhub (my profile, index.html) gives the “Internal error has occurred” page.

I’ve tried clearing cookies, and also tried to visit the site from a browser in a VM that has never been used to access answerhub. Same results as above in both cases.