Animation in C++?

Hey guys,

Are there any good resources for writing “Animation Blueprints” in C++? Although I’ve gotten the blueprint version to work, I do ultimately find it a pain to work with and would much rather write it natively. If anyone would be able to provide any resources, it would be a gigantic help!

Writing Animation Blueprints in C++

I have two relevant tutorials here!

Writing custom logic for Animation BP in C++

Making your own Animation BP Nodes (code might be a bit out dated but you get the idea)

I personally do all my Anim BP event graph stuff in C++, except anim notifies, and then use the Anim Graph for all animation work :slight_smile:

This allows me to do fancy math calculations at high speeds in the C++ and pass the results to Anim BP via BP variables :slight_smile:

Interesting! But… Tutorials like the above should be given more attention and depth. In general I noticed that there is a lack of tutorials in c++ ue4 animation systems.