Animation Blueprint code with different skeletons

Somebody knows how to workaround this for blend spaces? Blend spaces cant be exposed as variables :frowning:

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For me it works like any other variable, you have to tick BlendSpace in the Details of Blendspace Player, such that it will be exposed. Or am I missing the problem?

Just entered 2021, and this is the most efficient workaround to this issue. I don’t think I would have found it if it wasn’t for this thread!
So my approach was changing skelmesh at class settings, then exposing the sequence pin, and reading anims from a data table.


Is there a way to get this working with Transform (modify) Bone? How can we change the controlled bone to use a different skeleton in the Child AnimBP?

I just realized I also have a bunch of blend nodes and other nodes like IK where I explicitly entered bone names that might not work with a different skeleton.

Though for the most part IK should keep working if you keep most conventions across different skeletons similar.

I got a lot of done in child BPs when putting al sequences and blend spaces with pins into their player (expose to pin) and then change class defaults and skeleton in the child. But I do not get it done for Aim Offset. Even if I am able to expose the BlendSpace Pin of AimOffset to a variable and change it in the child, it seems AimOffset Node is hard-bound to skeleton. Someone has a solution for using AimOffset in child Anim BP with different skeletons?
Known solution is not working for me. UE4.26.2

EDIT: Sorry, seems to be simply a problem in the Aim Offset of my child Anim BP. Not sure what it was in detail, but Aim offset in child Anim bp was not ready, other value name, etc. When I changed child AimOffset that it has correct anims, and also same value as aimoffset of parent, all runs fine in child anim bp,