[Android] Tiny Spartan

**Tiny Spartan

Tiny Spartan is a simple 3D Android platformer.
We originally created it for the April game jam with a “see into the future” mechanic that was quite buggy, so we stripped that out and just made it a simple adventure game.

We were apprehensive to spend too much time creating a ridiculously long free game for the Play Store that might only ever get 12 downloads, so we limited it to 3 levels and added
a “Would you like more content” question at the end that pings a Firebase server with responses (so very lean of us). If we get enough positive feedback we will gladly create more levels.

(Insert image not working :frowning: )


  • Jump over and onto things
  • Attack Enemies
  • Navigate around and over traps


  • There is a joystick controller on the left for movement.
  • Attack and Jump buttons on the right, can also jump by flicking screen.