Android Device Profiles

I don’t understand which devices are related to the Android device profiles high, mid and low in the ini file.

Adreno 320 and 330 target the respective GPU, but how is high, mid and low defined?

In the GitHub c++ code I also couldn’t find any information about that.

I also am interested in how device profiles from the selector plugin correspond to ini files. Where might I find a definition example for ProfileName “Android_Adreno330” >

Is there a project that uses anything but a default Android device profile?

Hi Triplelexx,

Here is some documentation that might have the answers you need:


If that doesn’t help, let me know.

Hi wittlief,

I was unable to find anything covering the subject there.
I’m referring to using the AndroidDeviceProfileSelector. Which is a runtime plugin.

If the plugin is enabled it will call a function GetRuntimeDeviceProfileName.
This function will run some logic to decide what device profile to use.
That all looks pretty clear to me.

What I don’t understand is that there are some different profile names defined there, such as spaceharry was referring to, yet I have only been able to find a generic Android profile.
I am interested in what parameters they might define.

Hi Triplelexx,

I am unfamiliar with the plugin you’re using, can you provide a link to where you’ve acquired it? Is it constructed specifically for use with the Unreal Editor? It may be that you will need to get more clear instructions from the creator.

Thanks very much!

I think he was talking about AndroidDeviceProfileSelectorModule source files from Github.

I think the only way to change how UE chooses which devices are low, mid and high is to edit this source file. If correct I will mark this question as resolved.

Ok gents, I have some clarification on the device profiles:

AndroidDeviceProfileSelectorModule.cpp does the profile detection.

This starts off by using the platform, in this case “Android”. Then, it looks for specific GPUs it recognizes (Android_Adreno320, Android_Adreno330, Android_Adreno330_Ver53, Android_TegraK1, Android_Tegra4) to use instead.

The profiles are in [project]/Config/DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini and Engine/Config/BaseDeviceProfiles.ini. These profile fields set some cvars then select another profile to apply. Nothing directly selects Android_High, Android_Mid, or Android_High.

The can provide their own detection plugin to replace AndroidDeviceProfileSelectorModule.cpp to add new profiles.


Cool, found the cvars, many thanks sir!

Is it also possible to add a new profile part, wich will select the Android_Low Profile for my Adreno305 GPU?


Here is a documentation for [setting up device profiles][1]. You may be able to change the setting to Android_Low by adjusting it within the BaseDeviceProfiles.ini file.

Setting Up Device Profiles in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation