Android as host not working

thank you for replaying
i use a Advanced Sessions plugin in my project
i dont use c++
i test this in several devices and it not work i can link the android device to pc (the host)
but i cant get it work android to android
what is work:
1- i can host a server on device 1
2- i can search for the host and i found its name from device 2
3- when i click to join nothing happens
can you send me how you do this it will help me so much
and sorry for my bad English

thx again for your kindness


i am very thankful for your help , this my host and join setup


can you send me your setup

Not today sorry. my computer is not available to me much lately.
I can tell you what I think of your setup though:
it looks like how I would do things with the following exceptions:

  1. I havent tried using Advanced Sessions. I am using the built in Create Session, Find Sessions, and Join Session nodes. I didnt need advanced sessions because i am not using an online subsystem like steam. I am only using LAN.
  2. On your advanced session node for hosting a game, I see you ticked the Dedicated Server parameter on, but in your node that opens the Level to be hosted, you have the “listen” option added. I wonder if this is causing confusion. You cannot be a listen server and a dedicated server at the same time. A listen server by definition is not dedicated. Try turning off the Dedicated option on the advanced session creation node. Maybe that is the problem. Not sure.
  3. It also says to use online presence. If you are connecting via LAN then I dont understand how that pertains to online presence. The point of doing it over wifi is so you dont have to be on the internet or logged into Steam, etc. right? See if turning that off helps.
  4. Try replacing the advanced session nodes with the built in ones unless you meed advanced sessions features for some reason.

thank you i will try and feed you back

dear mightyenigma
i have found something . when i click join the session successfully join- but the map did not load it just stop on join menu
any tips

This is strange. Does it stay on the map you are already in? Do you use seamless travel? Level streaming? Those things shouldn’t prevent level open on Join, but I’m just curious

dear mightyenigm i was use UE 4.23.1 i moved my project to UE 4.22 and it work i can now make any android device as a host and i can join with no problem i appreciate your effort for helping me my name is hossam from Egypt with love. and sorry for my bad English

Your English is fine :slight_smile:
That is strange that it doesn’t work in 4.23, because mine works in 4.23.
But I am glad you got it to work!

The main reason is a bug in android’s version of SocketSubsystem: GetLocalHostAddr method has incorrect handling of localhost (but the code is correct, it works if invert localhost detect condition)
The possible workaround is: create a ‘proxy’ layer for SocketSubsystem (similiar approach as Pimpl) and implement GetLocalHostAddr without that bug. Than you need to replace incorrect subsystem by correct one :slight_smile:

Hi hossamxnowiser you only fix this change to 4.22? any chance to work on 4.23?

Sadly, earlier this year my project stopped working over LAN when I Shipping packaged it for distribution, even if I full rebuilt it after deleting Intermediate folder back down to Developer build not for distribution, even after migrating to newer version of UE, even with Windows as host and Android as client. Can’t seem to find any reason why. Spent hours upon hours searching forums, answerhub, etc. Wish I knew how to fix it.

Maybe I need to go back to 4.22 also? What’s so special about 4.22?