Android and iOS In-app purchase issue

Don’t worry about those extra nodes. They are my custom functions to enable or disable my UMG-button as a result of the transaction.
Nothing more.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am not very clear where do you remove ads after the purchase is successful. Can you give some inputs how do you do that?

Thank you

Well, if transaction fails, I put a boolean to FALSE and use “Hide Ad banner”. Otherwise, call “Show banner”.

These are the common nodes:

Hi Helghast, Thanks a lot for your kind reply :slight_smile: I am having 2 more questions related to this.

  1. I am curious to know how this purchase is saved to the user. My guess is wont it reset if the user re-opens the game? I also came to know that save game API is device specific. How to save this purchase as per the Apple ID? so that the user can benefit on all his devices.

  2. How did you test this feature on iOS? do we have anything similar to alpha mode in Andriod? it would be very helpful if you give some hints on this :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have not tested on iOS, Android only.
You can try this for “alphas and betas”: TestFlight - Apple Developer

Maybe this thread can help you with iOS:

You can use a “savegame” file to save states using the following nodes: “Create GameObject Save”, “Load Game from Slot” and “Save Game to Slot”.


Thank you Helghast!

I have been testing this feature on my iOS device for quite a while. it seem always failing like you previously experienced. is Testflight the only way to test this feature or what?? very curious to know.

I would like to know where we can assign the cost for the purchase :slight_smile: sorry for so many questions.

Thanks a ton!

I`m having some issues! I did everything right. Open a dev play store, filled the Google Play license and games app id, changed the DefaultEngine.ini. But i still get failed error while I try to make an in app purchase. It would be awesome if someone helps me <3

Hi Helghast. I was wondering if you could help me.

In your Format Text node, is that all you did for your In App Purchase to work?


That’s all you need for the format text?

And also, where does this format text goes? Where is it necessary in the app?

Thank you.

I only use “FT” to display transaction results.
It is not necessary.

Does this work as it should now? I can’t get it to work at all at this moment.

So I got the actual purchase working, but now I want to test the [Restore In-App Purchases] but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Can anybody show me the setup to restore a purchase with the node (if it works)

Indeed the [Restore In-App Purchases] does not work, it doesn’t fire at all (on success or on failure)

Hey KillerSneak,

Restoring IAP is not available for Android yet, It should be for 4.10.


I just tried using the Make an In-App Purchase node and nothing happens. It doesn’t execute AT ALL.

I’m using 4.9.2 myself.

What did you do to make it work?? I still can’t figure this out.

I’ve same problem always return failed , also i can’t use Read in app purchase information to read info like price and etc,
I using 4.12.2

Yeah can you please tell me what did you do to make it work?