amd or nvidia


i need to get a new graphics card. I have to choose between a r9 390 with 8gb of vram or a gtx 970 with 3.5gb of VRAM.
I tend to the r9 390 because of the greater vram but im rather unsure if amd is any good for using UE4.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

In most current benchmarks, the 970 outperforms the 390, offering better value for money. You’ll probably never need 8GB of memory on your video card any time soon.

i have some doubts that these numbers are correct. If i look up 3dmark scores on their website it shows that both graphic cards are about equal.
Also many other benchmark show only slight differences sometimes going in favor for the gtx 970 and sometimes going in favor for the r9 390.

But regardless of that, what does UE4 favor? Does things perform better on a Nvidia card or an AMD card?

It seems to run better with Nvidia cards overall. But the AMD cards run just fine.

Nvidia has some cool added features like Shadow Play as well as live twitch streaming which I use all the time to do quick play blasts and upload unlisted to YouTube.

It also helps a lot to record for about twenty minuets worth of game play and sit back and watch what’s going on as to the finer details.

There is video capture software that works like Shadow Play for AMD as well. Nvidia does have CUDA support which some 3d related applications take advantage of, but again, OpenCL seems like it’s going to be what most GPU compute moves to, which is better on AMD. I personally use Nvidia GPUs because they typically have less driver issues, and historically, play better with professional 3d software, but different people have different experiences.