Always crash while creating a project from Vault


I’m using Unreal Engine 4.4.3 mac version. My OSX is the latest version (Yosemite).
My UE4 always crash while creating a project from Vault.

By the way, the engine will also crash if I press “Browse” or “Don’t create.”
Does anyone meet this problem too?
Hope this issue could be fixed soon, or I can’t create any project downloaded from Marketplace :cry:

Hi Tim,

We attempted to reproduce this in-house and we couldn’t duplicate your crash. We have noticed that the Launcher will sometimes have odd issues on Mac and uninstalling then reinstalling the Launcher will generally fix them.

If that doesn’t work, could you also post your .LOG and .DMP files? Instructions on where to find them are in the link below.

Hi TJ,

Thanks for replying! Reinstalling UE4 works for me. Now I could try demos from Epic games. Thanks again. :slight_smile: