Allow player to move through landscape floor?

I’d like to add a cave on my landscape map, whereby the player could move through the landscape floor at the ‘cave entrance’.

Has anyone done anything like this before with landscapes?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

In udk versions later than the 1 I use(sept 2011)you can create a hole in the sure its by using a transparent material,but im not entirely sure as its not available to me in my version.

I did post in a thread about this subject on the old forums a while ago.i will see if I can find it.

edit:sorry,the post was too far back.send a pm to (frankit).he was another poster in the thread and knew more about it than I do.

Thanks for the response . I think I found a thread that seems to have the answer:

Apparently there is a visibility option in the landscape tool that allows you to cut holes. I’ll give it a try later.