Alert if you use .inis to save stuff

Well basically i alert you guys if you use .Ini’s to save stuff because, in steam they won’t be load unless you already have them already existing, there are previous save games there and there’s not none of em.

What save system method you guys use?

well not just steam, just any install of the game in your PC if hsa none already existing .ini’s.

For settings, I use inis. For the save game system, I use class’Engine’.static.BasicSaveObject as described in the save game development kit gem.

same here, inis for settings and BasicSaveObject for savegames

not sure what you’re alarmed about. a fresh install of your game won’t contain the UDK* inis, but upon the first launch they will be generated and saved

So, it’s necessary to add some initialization for the variables to be stored in the ini, because the ini file cant be included in the installation?

Whether the file gets included depends on how you’re installing the game. If you use the UDK installer, as far as I know it won’t include the inis. But if you use the Steam installer, it will copy whatever files are in your staging directory (including inis). If your player ever validates the file integrity, the player’s custom settings will get overwritten with the default settings from your Steam install inis. I’m honestly not sure how to go about setting defaults and ensuring that they get saved in the right inis if you don’t include the inis.

not at all. you still must include all Default* inis in your installer otherwise the game won’t even work. those inis will have the default values.
when the game is started it will generate the UDK* inis
so really I don’t see any issue with initialization.

yep. you have to make sure steam doesn’t copy the UDK* inis
setting defaults is a tricky matter. changing a default value wont propagate to the user’s UDK ini if the value is already different so in those cases it’s probably better to just make a new config variable and replace it with the old one in your code

@Chosker I believe it does a hash check on the default .ini file and if it’s changed it will generate a new UDK .ini.

This means you need to be careful of when you even simply save your default .inis as it will reset your player’s settings to default.

Each time i add or make a change to the defaults this happens, but my players are quite forgiving about it. Try not to do it too often though. I usually arrange it so newly added vars default to false, so i don’t have to touch the default .ini.