Aftermath GPU Crash dump Triggered


I am getting the error ’ Aftermath GPU Crash dump Triggered’ quite a lot - I have a new PC with a 3080 RTX and the CPU is i9 12900KF. The motherboard is Asus z690-A and the PC has 64gb of memory. I have another PC which is a lot less powerful, but is stable. My new PC crashes at random times, even when you open a blank project sometimes.

The Nvidia drivers are up to date, Windows updates done and the graphics card seems to be secure but still getting this error.

Any help, or suggestions would be very helpful.

Aftermath is Nvidia’s crash dump recorder. You can view the crash report and see what’s wrong. Generally it’s TDR error.

TDR errors are quite common in certain fields. Generally the operations you try to perform are above normal use of the GPU. Actual fix may be discovered via dump analysis, but you can also fiddle with Windows TDR settings as shown below:

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