After the marketplace open my Launcher crash every time

After the open of marketplace unreal launcher crash every time, i deleted all my content but still crash.


Could you please go to this webpage and see if the instructions there help:

If not, please respond with your verbose logs and DxDiag.

Thank you,

link text

I send you the logs.

Hi Almusx,

You uploaded your DMP files. Could you follow the steps on this section of the link and post your LOG files as well? They are in the same folder as the DMP files.

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running in offline mode (ethernet cable disconnected) works. All my projects and vault assets load. But in online mode it crashes.

Hi Almusx,

It looks like a corrupt locally cached png file has caused the crash. Could you try rename the image content cache folder to test?

You’ll find it here:-


Let me know if that helps!

It’s working now after renaming the folder!

Thank you very much for the support!!

Great! You can safely delete the renamed folder then :slight_smile: