Aeroplane / Fighter Jet

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a plane, I have had people pass me several ideas, I have tried using math and tried doing it intuitively.

So far nothing has really worked perfectly, but I have had better results from hacking it together rather than trying to follow specific scientific formulas. I also have found physics components to be more trouble than they are worth.

Part of my is just saying “give up!” another part of me is saying “dont let it beat you!”.

Here’s what I’ve done, when you thrust it will add from local coords to world coords, so when you rotate you keep that angular velocity.
When you pitch too high your pitching turn speed will slow down. (Stall Curve)
When you pitch too high or roll to yourside you will loose lift (LiftCurve and Banking Curve)

Currently Lift only works on Z axis, so does weight.

I am taking the assumption that if you are flying at 0 degrees, straight ahead, that your Lift equals Weight, and working backwards from that.
I am assuming that extra lift is not created past the base speed, but lowering the speed will below that will reduce lift. (for landing etc)

There is a drag vector, so that the plane will loose speed faster on its local Z faster than Y and Y faster than X. (X being forward), So if you pull up suddenly, and break you will stop very quickly.

Next thing I want to do is make it so there is a kind of “pulling factor”, so that the plane will kind of be dragged to its velocity, so if the plane is going on the X axis and has velocity on its Y axis, that the plane will try to rotate towards the Y axis, or if the plane has lost its forward velocity it will start to nose dive.

Like I said, its a hack, but hopefully I can get some interesting results. I have tried to use scientific equations but they haven’t worked so well.

Boooh ya!

I finally got something really nice. I want to upload the png, but its tooooo large for the website :(.

I’ll come back later when I’ve figured a way to share it.

If it’s too large you can always post a link for image hosting sites or sites like Dropbox/Google Drive.


Here it is!

and I stored it on an imageshack account:

Important things to note are how i created the “angular wind forces”, if you are going fast forward and pitched up or down the plane will want to further angle in that direction, and if you are yawing left, then the plane will want to roll slightly. I have since tweaked these values quite a bit, but the basic idea is still the same, I might do another update tomorow.

I really liked your videao ! Really great job !
But there is a trouble with your imageshack png which crashed firefox the twice time i tried to see it. maybe too large. maye need a zip or 2 parts.
But great plane ^^

in the lift producing section of your blueprint did you use timeline float curves and if you did can you please post the pictures of them…

never mind i found the method to creating float curves.nice project by the way…really awesome

Thank you, is this this for use for anyone?

Looks nice, far better than original package.