Advice needed

I’m using a Huntkey 700watt powersupply and it’s very good can even run two of my HD5850’s in crossfire without breaking a sweat, I do recommend that you get a 650watt+ Powersupply so that the powersupply will have room to breath.

Since your 5770 works with you mainboard the 270X will do it aswell. The easiest way to make sure the card fits into your case is to measure the space in it and compare it to the information of your graphics card :D.

For his new setup even a 530 watt psu is enough. He should also be able to oc the componants without running into problems.

Yeah I may as well pick up a new psu while I’m at it hey.

Would that fit in my case? CM690 Mid tower case.

Than there’s ram, I’m guessing this ram would go sweet with my current mobo?

5770- 8.5 X 4.376 X 1.5

270x -15.9 x 3.5 x 9.3 inches

270 is obviously bigger lol, but it should be okay?

R9 270X is fine.

You will not need to buy a new PSU. It will be completely wasted money.

Core i7-950: Max 130 W
AMD Radeon R9 270X: Max 180W

That leaves plenty of power to the rest of the system.

Your CPU will not significantly bottleneck the GPU.

How much ram do you currently got?

The nVidia GTX 750Ti is a great card for the money, runs UE4 well and only uses 60 watt’s power.

So somewhere between

Desktop PC or Mac
Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher


Intel Core i7 4930K processor
Intel X79 chipset motherboard
Nvidia GTX 770 video card

I have a feeling like

Only 6gb at the moment, I will be buying a 12gb triple channel kit though.

Alright, I reckon I’ll just go with the 270 as there’s currently a deal going on Amazon for 206 USD.

It’s going to be one big almighty squeeze to get it in the case lol, the only issue is height clerence to clear the ports where you connect the cd drive into, so as long as it clears that it should be fine… Worse comes to worse I’lll just have to sell the card lol.

Anyway, I’m assuming the RAM would be all good with my motherboard too?

Yeah 12gb ram should be just fine,I am running 8gb at the moment but I need to upgrade too 16gb since I have many apps open lol, but snap the R9 270 if you can.

Get the 270X, 12gb of ram and you should be fine. Not even sure you really need the extra memory, but it won’t hurt.

Yeah I’m just hoping the 270 fits, it’s a massive card and the measurements are tippingit to be a big squeeze.

Before I go buying the ram I just want to double check that the ram I had selected would work with my mobo?

I am confident it will but I like to double check things.

I’m using Generic Kingston or Transcend 4GBx2 DDR3 1333mhz ram on my MSI Pro-E X58 so I think you wouldn’t have a problem but for just for safety get the same brands of ram so that you don’t run into compatibility issues.

Alrighty, I ended up just going for some 12gb ram with gskill, works fine.

Got the R9 270X Windforce in and it was a squeeze, I majorly derped out and was bashing my head wondering why there was no communication than I realised I forgot to reconnected the cable into the motherboard lol.

Now I’m up to adding in more space for storage, when I bought the hard drives, I didn’t think about it and I just went with two Toshiba DT01ACA100 1tb drives since they were the cheapest, but upon checking stuff out, I may have to buy 1 extra data drive and 2x power connectors as I do not believe I have any spares.

I have a Molex connector male so I could go 1x Molex Female to sata power connector and 1x sata power connector and another data cable?

Next thing, I should have really done the Hard drives first before installing the GPU, because now it looks like I may have to take the GPU back out to get enough space, I’m wondering if it’s possible to get these connections made without taking the GPU out? It’ll be a squeez if possible but it’s such a hassle having to take the GPU out connect all the cables up and reconnect the gpu again.

When I wanted UE4 I got a new laptop it runs really well and it didn’t cost that much for a computer.

As long as the GPU gets power from a 6pin connector then it doesn’t really matter if you using Molex or direct PSU connection, and if the gpu doesn’t fit then get a bigger computer tower, that is normally the case when you buy a big GPU.

The GPU fits fine, runs fine, I’ve ran a few games maxed out, all good.

I’m looking at installing the two hard drives now but need to figure out how to tackle it, if I want to run one off the molex power connecter and the other off a normal power cable.

I looked closer and I’ll probably have to take the GPU out (Again) take the other side off and go from there.

-Sigh, so much fiddling.

Haha sounds like my previous system don’t worry I know exactly how you feel, I have gone through so much modifications in my old case I thought this was never going to end, taking out HDD’s and refitting them because the GPU didn’t fit was just a nightmare and somewhat frustrating, but yeah, look what works for you, rather use the SATA Power-cables because they are less of a hassle then Molex, plus they look neat as well xD

Alright, final piece of the puzzle.

Got the hard drives in and running, my computer auto installed the driver software for them, but now I want to have as separate storage ie, I would like to have one set so I can store random downloads like music tv shows etc, while the other one can be for games, but can’t figure out how to do this, I would rather not run them as one lump storage cause if one dies I lose all my data, screw having to download 100+GB of music again…

Oh, of course it was simple. been a long time since I’ve done this so I’ve forgotten lol.

Anyway, first hard drive installs fine but the second one I have a sneaking suspicion is DOA.

Everything is plugged in fine, data cable is in the sata connectors, power cable is all connected, it just sits there clicking away and doesn’t seem to format as quickly as the first one and now after a restart having it plugged in stops my os from loading up until I unplug that hard drive.

I’ve double and triple checked that it is the problem, isolated by having both drives unplugged and it’s fine to no surprise, than having the top drive plugged in, and it still works, but as soon as I plug in the middle one, it does that.

What do you think? DOA and I need to get a replacement?

Just a small point, but personally I’d get a couple hard drives Vs. a single 4TB drive. All drives have a lifespan, and getting 2 means some redundancy is possible. You can keep your assets backed up easier that way. 2X 2TB drives will be plenty of room for most stuff.

You realise I’ve already bought the hard drives and that one is DOA?

Not be rude, but it sounds like you didn’t even read the rest of the thread before commenting, or maybe you did, in which case I do apologise.