Advanced Sessions Plugin

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I played around with the plugin and followed a few different tutorials to build the engine from source and get a session up and running.

Current state is:

  • I am able to package the project with a dedicated server.exe,
  • I can start it either with steam running or with all the different steam api dlls in the folder, without any errors (looks like it tries to find the api dlls and falls back on a running steam instance if it can’t find them),
  • I can NOT find it locally if I have steam running or the dlls beside the server.exe, even if searching for local matches,
  • I can find a match if steam isn’t running (doesn’t matter if searching lan or online, it always finds it),
  • I can find it Locally over steam > view > server, with steam running,
  • but I can’t find it in the Internet tab despite adding port forwarding in the modem and adding firewall exceptions for 7777 (Unreal) and 27015 (Steam Master Server).


  • Why does it not matter if searching LAN OR Internet with steam disabled?
  • Why can’t I find my server with Steam enabled on the Internet tab? (I know that the port forwarding should work because I hosted a Minecraft Server and that worked fine)

Pastebin of the relevant parts of the DefaultEngine.ini




Only relevant changes

I am at the end of my wits here so any help is appreciated!

Okay, what are you trying to do, keep in mind that many of the newer versions of the engine have incorporated fixes that used to require this plugin. Think about an alternative solution to this plugin.