Advanced Sessions Plugin

Hey @mordentral ! Firstly thank you so much for this life saver plugin. I have been using it for 2 weeks with steam subsystem and I have two quick question:
1- I want players to invite and join sessions for Co-Op mode and creating squad (for join to dedicated server together). As I know there is a Game instance for handle it. But I’m using Generic Shooter’s Game Instance now. How Can I handle invite/join without your game instance?
2- I want to use dedicated servers. There is a boolen option for it at input of create advanced session node. But how can I use it to create dedicated server session under steam subsystem? Can anyone help me about this topic?

Think you are thinking of the other plugin, i don’t do anything for leaderboards currently.

No you have to use my game instance if you want to receive “OnInviteAccepted”, but if you set the parent of the Generic Shooters Game Instance to the AdvancedFreindsGameInstance it will work.

True dedicated servers require a hand built version of the engine, the bool is there so that people doing that can keep the same node structure, you can’t use the dedicated bool without building the engine manually.

Merged the 4.17 beta branch into master for the repository and updated the 4.17 binary package to 4.17 release.

@mordentral thank you I got it


I’m trying to use the “get steam friend avatar” to show the avatar of each person on a widget, the issue is that while I can see it, the clients does not.
When the player joins I get the “UniqueNetID” and I set that in a replicated variable, then the clients try to run the “get steam friend avatar” but only I can see the icons

Which is the right workflow to show each person avatar?

Unique net ids don’t have any replicated UProperty in them, there is no need as you can get the unique net id of players directly from the player list/player state. They are how they are identified over the network anyway
so each client already has a copy of everyone elses UniqueNetID.

Its a very minor overhead to make UniqueNetIDs replicate, but I didn’t feel it needed to be done due to that.

Edit There is a “GetPlayerUniqueNetID” node, one for when given a local player controller and one for when given a player state from the game instance.

Yup, I was trying to use the player controller but those don’t exist on the client side, I started using player state instead and it worked! thank you for the reply

Is 4.16.3 plugin will be?

Start / Stop networked voice will work for PTT.

Just add the config file commands in the OP post to your project.

For open mic you just leave the config boolean to false for push to talk.

The current 4.16 download is 4.16.3

Hi… in version 4.17 the plugin ( Advanced Steam Session) crashes my project at startup and closes and I’m forced to not be able to change version … how can I fix it?

As in when you load the UProject file? Did you download the source or the binaries, and did you download the new files before switching to 4.17?

Unless it is an actual crash an not a “is not compiled for this engine version” warning, then you are using incompatible files is all and need to match the two up.

Also how does it force you to “not change versions”?

The uproject file times are right, I’ve downloaded the version as I’ve ever done from Launcher, I’ve been using this plugin for 2 years now and we are ready to release our game and that’s why we’re updating it to a newer version … Plugin is divided into 2, the normal part and the steam part … removing the steam part all works to perfection and does not crash … Sorry for my english

Does it crash while “loading”, or when trying to play your game?

If it is during your game there may be a log event thrown.

I need to know what it is doing as I do not have any issue.

Edit I’m sure that if you can describe the problem to me and provide the Log after it crashed that we can get it solved

Yeah that should all work fine even without the plugin.

The plugin is specifically for push to talk since they didn’t expose “toggleVoice” to blueprints, so you can directly use the StartNetworkedVoice and StopNetworkedVoice nodes.

What is advanced friends plugin?

Are you trying to combine this plugin with another one?

Not as far as I know (in blueprint) and no

You would need the plugin to mute with blueprints only.

Also I think you can change global voice volume, just not per user.

I’ve answered this three times now to you…one of the ones you want as the parent needs the other one to be its parent, then your final game instance uses the combined one…