Advanced Menu System with Gamepad + Keyboard support

Pause Menu preview:
Startup video preview with skip feature:

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AAA quality menu system for your UE4 project, with full keyboard and gamepad navigation, multiplayer support, Save System. Written in Blueprint and additional functionality is provided via free plugin.

Example of multiplayer, save system, Gamepad navigation is included with demo level.


**[NEW 2.0] Try out the Demo before purchase: **


**[UPDATED] Documentation: **
[NEW 2.0] Get additional functionality plugin here[FREE]:


  • Main menu Widgets, setting widgets and custom widgets with full customization
  • [v2.0][4.26 only] New dropdown control (Preview)
  • [v2.0] Added auto navigation system, for grid like navigation for Inventory or any other UI stuff (Preview)
  • [v2.0] Rewrite of the UI navigation system, now more efficient and stable
  • [v1.9] Added Multiplayer support with server browser (Gif preview)
  • [v1.9] Save system with screenshot capture(optimized) and save list
  • [v1.8] New help panel popup for setting items and their values (Preview)
  • [v1.8] Added key combination support. Now you can rebind any modifier key with another key (eg.ctrl+w)
  • [v1.8] Ability to add password field with custom masking character (Preview)
  • [v1.6] Assasins creed style startup videos with skip text (Preview)
  • [v1.6] Full keyboard and gamepad navigation support
  • [v1.6] Added startup video option with both video and UMG animation with audio
  • 2 Different Main Menu style. 1 Pause Menu
  • Full mouse & keyboard key rebind

Extra Content:

  • Animated menu background
  • Animated button
  • Simple loading screen


If you have any feature request contact me via Discord or email.
Email: [EMAIL=“”]


  • [NEW] Added startup video option with both video and UMG animation with audio.
  • [NEW] “Press a key to continue/skip” option for the startup media.
  • Added full gamepad, keyboard navigation support
  • New Settings menu style
  • Multiple input remapping.**

Menu Card Style:

Menu Setting Style:

Menu List Style:

Menu Settings:



  • **fixed a bug where videos settings won’t revert back to previous setting after applying it.

Thank You! Happens that i am right now looking for menu examples, so i am glad this is here :slight_smile:
P.S.: that C++ part is unavoidable?

Yes it can be avoided. But you will loose out UI scaling functionality.
Let me know if you need a special build without c++ part.

Thank you for answer. One more question - what are those “Widgets”, can you tell more about that customization? Thanks.

Since it is using UMG it is highly customizable. For example the main menu widget is called “MainMenu” YOu can just duplicate it and modify it as you wish. Here is an example:
I recently added a new style for the main menu. you can see it on 2:23 mark of the video. There is a style switcher.

Watch the full video for most of the functionality. It is not on gumroad yet. But it will get uploaded in an hour or so.

Let me know if you have any questions.

UPDATED: +added new card style main menu similar to Battlefront.

**UPDATE[added on user request]:

**+ Added a new menu style with 3d character as background.
Video. **

This looks very promissing, when do you think you’ll have it ready for publishing?

You mean publishing on marketplace? Right now it is fully featured and ready for using on your project.

It is now live on marketplace.

Short video on how to add custom options with save and loading capability.
also new documentation is now available.

New update:

  • Added full Gamepad + keyboard support, for navigating the menu.

you can try out the demo:!AshlE4zYrQfJ2XFtfLXsdTGDwqmi

Does it “feel” joystick / flightstick axis as remap input, if they are available in editor input mappings, thanks to joystick plugin (free)? Thanks.

I haven’t used the plugin. but does it support “OnPreviewKeyDown” function override?
I am using that to get the pressed key.

@Thunder_Owl you can actually download the demo and actually test it out.
I don’t have a joystick to test it.
But if you want this feature to be implemented, you can contact me via email or discord.

New Update:

  • Added multiple input remapping.
  • Updated card view style with gamepad support.
  • Added ability to add gamepad support in any UMG widgets, such as inventory, crafting etc.
  • Bug fixes and gamepad support improvements.


Multiple input! That is good.

:cool: New gamepad features are coming soon.

Added UE4.21 support.