ADK Modding Contest Extension!

I was referring to the extension? That’s not Wildcards decision. Alienware needs to agree to it.

They wouldn’t be involved if that were the case.


Anybody else having trouble finding the entry form for this???

There seems to be little or no way to get to this.

As far as I know your entry is the image that you upload with the description.

Yeah I suppose.

Just seems weird to me the way it’s set up.

Confused the hell out of me. :\

Hopefully all’s well, because the description doesn’t have the entry details.

So voting starts today, Where do we vote exactly and how does this work?

Here is an overview over all entries:

If you don’t know who you should give your vote I can not help you but while you figure that out subscribe to my Mod (Tribe Wars) and try it out. :wink: