Additional Source Control providers support

Hi all,

UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.1 released, with history log, revert, add and delete.
Still no diff (next step) nor commit.


Kickass! Thanks for working on this :slight_smile:

My pleasure!

It could be quite ready for more broad testing in a few days.

After that I would like to add a few minor functionalities.

Then the Git Plugin should be really useful for people working on Unreal Tournament with GitHub!

Wow, this is really cool! Nice work, SRombauts! I’m going to check it out this week myself.

Btw, the link at the top of your web site’s landing page (not GitHub), has a hyperlink back to itself instead of to the GitHub page (GitHub - SRombauts/UE4GitPlugin: Unreal Engine 4 Git LFS 2 Source Control Plugin (beta)).


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hum yes, this link is coming from the, it is intended for reader of the GitHub site, I should fix that!

Yeah, git would be most amazing!
We have a hard time with perforce.

UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.2 released, with diff fully working.

Still no commit (next/last big step) but know really useful for anyone using Git.

UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.3 released

UE4 Git Plugin alpha v0.3 released, with commit working for small batch of files.

As its quickly reaching completion, I’ve started a dedicated new thread on the “Engine Source & GitHub” section (still not ready for the more general “Tools” section I think).


we would really like to see TFS (Team Foundation Server) support

we would really like to see TFS (Team Foundation Server) support.

Just wanted to say thanks @srombauts for git support - and +1 to having git out of the box.

Thanks, and yes I think it would be great to have the Git plugin integrated by default.


Thanks a ton for your great work. Greatly appreciate it.

You are welcome!

By the way, it’s not finished, but I have not much time and energy to tackle the lacking features… One day!

Edit: new binary release of the Git plugin for the new UE4.5.1!