Adding arms & weapon to blank project !

Hello Friends !
i have done some animation for my game , with my arms and an M4A1 like idle & fire !
but i didn’t found any topic talking about adding the arms & weapons on a blank project !
i want to make it like in the shooter game demo , and in blueprint because i’m not on my top in the C++
Can you Give me he Help Plz :confused:

If you ignore the code section at the beginning of the C++ Shooter tutorial, there is an Blueprint animation explanation at the bottom:

You may want to look into that C++ tutorial as an idea for how you would add a weapon with Blueprints as well.

Here is a video on adding a custom weapon to Shootergame (No code involved) as an example of how you would add your own to a new Character BP:

Also, there is already a discussion about custom weapons going on in this thread: [REQUEST] FPS Weapon System in Blueprints - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Let me know if any of this helps or if you have any specific questions.

Hello and thanks for the quick replay :smiley: !
i’m blocked on one step , if please you can provide me the solution :
i wanna to use a variable that i have created in my character BP , in the Animation BP !
and please handle me to some goods topics that talk about the animation , for a beginner like me :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a “Try Get Pawn Owner” node, then you can drag from that “Return Value” and “Cast To” your BP that is your character. Here is an example where I get “Is Using” from a “MyCharacter” blueprint

I don’t have a nice selection of tutorials off hand for that, but here are the basics: